Work Schedule:
Various Tours Description Title/PD#:
Housekeeping Aid Team Leader PD#2269AThe incumbent of this position serves as Team Leader in an assigned area of the Medical Center.
In addition to the Team Leader, the team is composed of at least three team members.
o Provides direct supervision to the team members in cleaning assigned areas by sweeping, dusting, dam mopping, scrubbing, waxing, polishing, etc.
Light globes, windows, furniture, bathrooms (floors, fixtures, and showers) are included in the cleaning assignments.
o Plans and coordinates the work of each employee so as to clean the entire area simultaneously.
Constantly observes methods to insure that the work is being performed at the minimum cost.
o Assists in training employees in proper housekeeping techniqueso Issues cleaning supplies and instructs employees in the proper usage of same.
Prepares equipment and supplies each evening for next day's work.
Sees the proper equipment is on hand at all times.
Observes team members to insure that they are using supplies and equipment properly so as to avoid waste or damage.
o Completes quarterly evaluations for employees assigned to he/she, which are reviewed by the Area Supervisor.
o Inspects entire area daily to make sure it has been cleaned satisfactorily, noting same for the "Supervisor's Daily Report", or it there are discrepancies, there are noted on the report.
Also, notations of any vermin seen in the area are noted on the report.
o Inspects equipment at the end of the day to make sure it is cleaned properly before being stored.
o In the event of an accident to an employee, facts are reported to area supervisor.
In the event of breakage or damage to government property, obtains pertinent facts and calls to attention of area supervisor.
o Insures employees "sign in and out" properly so accurate records can be maintained of their time and attendance.
o Responsible for reminding his/her employees to initial their time cards for leave taken.
o Other duties may be assigned

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